May 28, 2010

Rough seas ahead!

Posted in Triathlons at 12:00 pm by Lisa

Just got back from orientation and picking up my registration pack. I’m number 5047 (for anyone who could actually pick out the numbers to be written on my arms and legs). I got there late (parking is ridiculous by the Arena mall – it’s as if all of Herzliya was trying to get into the parking garage) and missed the beginning of the orientation. After catching up with Sapirit (work colleague who came up from Be’er Sheva for this!), it seems like I missed the most important stuff, but she filled me in. And any additional questions I had, I asked Sharon (another work acquaintance) – she’s been taking part in the triathlon for years and although there are new bike and run routes, I got some great tips from her!

So my start time is 7:45 but I’m getting a ride up with Dana (who also runs with the Etgarim group) – her start time is at 06:30 so I’ll be meeting her in Tel Aviv at 4:45 to make sure that we get there with plenty of time to spare. It seems like there’s a lot to do before you actually start – write your numbers on your body, get your number attached to your bike, set up your transition area (towel to the right), scope out exactly where your bike is in relation to the entry from the swim and the exit to the run, etc. etc. I prefer to be there earlier than not, and I can hang out on the beach cheering people on waiting for my turn to get in the water.

Off to arrange my stuff (don’t forget the chip!!) and get some pasta for tonight! Next post – a recap!

By the way – the title of this post? The sea looked really rough today – lots of waves and black flags all along the beach. They’re saying that it will be a lot calmer tomorrow. Here’s hoping!



  1. elaine said,

    can’t wait to hear the recap!

  2. Mom & Dad said,

    YEAH, LISA, YEAH, LISA. Since we can’t be there, we’re cheering you on from New York.

  3. Mom & Dad said,

    YEAH LISA!!!!, WAY TO GO!!!
    We cheered very loudly….but it took a bit to figure out the “BLOG” thing….

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