June 1, 2010


Posted in Training at 10:25 pm by Lisa

So tonight after work, I had an hour weight workout with Lior planned. He got on my case last week about needing to add another running session of intervals to my workouts.

Looking at my schedule, it’s really tough to find that extra day so we decided that I can do it the same day as this workout. Last week I did it after my hour was up. Today I got to the gym a half hour earlier and was able to get it done first.

2 min @ 8km/hr
8 min @ 9km/hr
1 min @ 10km/hr
1 min @ 9km/hr
1 min @ 11km/hr
1 min @ 9km/hr
1 min @ 12km/hr
1 min @ 9km/hr
1 min @ 13km/hr
1 min @ 9km/hr
30 secs @ 14km/hr
1 min @ 9km/hr
30 secs @ 15km/hr
2 min @ 9km/hr
7 min @ 8km/hr

All in all, a total of 4km. I felt good and if I didn’t have another hour of working out after, I probably would have pushed it more and done a few more 14/15km/hr intervals, and maybe even gotten up to 16km/hr (although that would be sick!)

The workout afterwards was fun – the usual weight stuff – nothing too exotic or interesting. A lot of talk about getting a bike. I’ve got to remind Lior tomorrow to make some calls to his friends to see if anyone has a 2nd hand road bike out there for sale. Hopefully something will turn up soon because maybe, just maybe, another race next month is on the agenda… will have to look into that and get back to you!

I think that I was able to go so strong tonight because although last night I did a run with Etgarim (http://www.etgarim.org/index.php?tlng=english), it was at a really relaxed pace (for me).  I ran about 45-50 minutes with Katya – this was the first time I ran with her and didn’t know what to expect but she did great. Etgarim’s running group is made up of volunteers and members (visually impaired). We meet once a week in the park and are paired off (or grouped off – sometimes there are more volunteers to members, although last night, it was the other way around – I think that was a first!) This is a great group and an amazing bunch of people. I’m really enjoying it. I’ll have to take some pictures next week for the blog – it’s a huge group now and growing each week!

After the run, mats are put out and we all do a series of exercises and then stretches (I tend to sit out the exercises if I’m working out the next day – or rather I choose to do only the ones I like, so I never do the lunges or push-ups with hands in the diamond position (it’s for your triceps). I’m lazy that way!

I usually find it difficult to run 2 days in a row but so far so good. I iced my knees tonight but not feeling any pain – just did it out of habit and taking preventative steps.

 Tomorrow I’m hitting the pool – I’m excited to see how this new breathing technique is working, and to see if I can go further/faster than in the past, without having such endurance problems (in the past I could barely make it past 2 laps before having to stop and hang on to the wall, breathing as if I did the interval workout above – it just didn’t make sense to me, but I learned something new last week and it made a huge difference in being able to go for longer periods of time, without having to stop. Thank goodness I learned this before the triathlon or I would have come in 110 out of 110 people!

BTW, thanks for reading! I haven’t been replying to your comments but they’ve been great, and are really appreciated!! (I feel a bit like Sally Field!) 🙂



  1. Judy and Bill said,

    I love reading the blog. It gets me excited about even walking a bit more. Remember I am the totally nonathletic relative!

    You have so much stamina…I think 40 is the new 20 if 60 is the new 40 (according to my physical therapist), so keep on moving! I do not understand your timing things at all, but that’s ok…you keep on telling me they change so maybe I don’t have to understand.

    Good luck with finding the bike and get those goggles. It is so much better to see where you are going.

    Speaking of moving, I have to go and make some dinner.

    Love, Judy (and Bill too)

  2. liat said,

    wow – your warm-up seems like a full workout to me 😉

    • Lisa said,

      Actually just the first 10 minutes was the warm-up! Proofing issues!

  3. elaine said,

    wow, i am going to try that training run – seems hard!

  4. Judy and Bill said,

    So…it is 85 degrees here and all I want to do is sit in air=conditioning. What are you going to do when it gets really hot? Drink a lot of water please. People forget that and it is so important!

    Love, Judy

    • Lisa said,

      Not to worry – I’m obsessive about drinking water. In the summer, I’ll still work out but I’ll wear a hat and moan about the weather a lot (national obsession)! My workouts are either morning or evening so it’s never the heat of the day anyway.

  5. Welcome to blogging, you definitely won’t regret taking the plunge. Very impressive workout schedule – my 40 minutes on the elliptical each day (okay, most days) and weight training once or twice a week is about all I can manage.

    My photography is available for purchase – visit Around the Island Photography and bring home something beautiful today!

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