June 4, 2010

Tough days and rest days

Posted in Training at 6:16 pm by Lisa

On Wednesday night, I went to the pool for a swim workout. It went pretty well – I think 750 meters in less than 45 min (as usual, I lost count of the laps so it might have been 725 or 775 – who knows.). It wasn’t a great session – but it was ok. I think that I’ve got to consider more lessons because there’s so much I don’t know. And I’m worried about reinforcing bad habits. I have to get in touch with the swim school to see what days work best and how to include it in my crazy schedule.

Last night I ran with Lior and for the first time, I used a heart rate monitor (HRM). I took my resting heart rate in the morning and I was psyched to see it was a low 47. Nice! However, during my run, according to Garmin, I pushed it to 102% of my maximum heart rate (that’s 179 bpm). Not a level I can sustain very long, but while it was a tough run, as soon as we stopped, my heart rate dropped steadily to about 50%. And I felt fine throughout the run, it was just a challenge. When I look at the numbers, I see that 102% was at a pace of 14.8km/hr*. Wow! That’s fast! Especially when it’s not on a treadmill – so in the end I was pleased with the run. Totals – 6.64 km in 39:38.33 min (avg. 5.58km/hr).

Anyway, those were two tough days and at the end of the work-out, Lior told me that I was to take Fri & Sat off. To not do a thing. No running, no biking, no swimming, nothing. He jokingly said “no drugs for you” because it’s true, this physical activity is most definitely addictive. I wasn’t too happy about it, but that’s why I have a trainer – to keep me safe from my own obsessions!

So I did nothing today. Well, not nothing, I went to a quilting lesson and have the starts of a new quilt  – the pattern will be based on something like the below but my colors will be really loud and busy! I’ll post pictures when there’s something to actually see.

Oh, the other thing I did today was price a road bike – entry version of Trek. I think I might be placing an order this week…

Tomorrow I’ll be a spectator at the TA triathlon (remember? no running, biking, swimming for me) and then breakfast at Benedict’s (pancakes!!).

Next week I’ll be returning to my regularly scheduled activities – watch out!

 *According to Garmin, I ran at that pace for 39 meters (all of 10 seconds)! So it really wasn’t too big of a deal.


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  1. Judy and Bill said,

    Love the quilt colors. Love that you finally get to take some time off. Is Lior a he or a she? I had a friend whose name was Liora…I figure since he is tough, it must be a he.

    My shoulder has been bad so I haven’t been able to knit at all. I am in p/t and once that is almost over with (I think a long while from now) I shall take up my knitting again. If I have to give it up I will be miserable, so maybe I’ll try quilting if I have to, but I prefer knitting to sewing.

    Do you need any more authors?

    Shabbat Shalom! Enjoy the pancakes…my favorite weekend breakfast other than my cinnamon french toast!

    Love, Judy

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