June 9, 2010

Decision time

Posted in Training at 9:51 pm by Lisa

Had a great session at the gym last night. Lots of functional exercises using the cable machine that had me working up a good sweat. Such a difference from Sunday.

I mentioned to Lior about my mindset during our last workout and of course, he thought I was crazy. He said I did fine, more than fine, on Sunday. Not quite sure why I had the impression that I wasn’t giving it 100%.

In any event, tonight I went to the pool after work and swam the furthest ever – 1,040 meters (I can’t count the sea swim where I supposedly did 1.23km because I’m sure that the current was a major help there!). Anyway, it was really great – I was planning on just doing 800 meters but realized that I felt really good and if I just added another 5 laps, I’d get to 1000. That extra 40m is because I was on the wrong side of the pool and had to swim back to the ladder (I suppose I could have gotten out on the other side but then I would have had to walk around the entire pool – too lazy for that!)

Tomorrow I’ve got a run planned with Lior and Garmin. Intervals are on the schedule.

I’m amping up the training over the next 2 weeks because…I’m thinking of entering another triathlon at the end of the month. It will come down to whether I can get a new/used road bike before then because mountain bikes are not allowed. I’ve got a couple of leads and hopefully something will pan out soon.

Keep your fingers crossed!



  1. Raz said,

    You rock!

  2. ohad said,

    You rock!

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