June 11, 2010

Busy day!

Posted in Training at 8:35 pm by Lisa

Last night, another crazy workout run. I did intervals with Lior – he wanted me to run 10 x 500m with 1:30min rest in between each, but that was too hard for me and after the second interval I was already moaning.

So we changed it to 300m x 10 intervals with the same amount of rest time. Believe me, 1:30 was not a lot of time for me to get my breath back after giving it my all for 300 meters! In fact, I just came to a dead halt in the last interval. Lior tried to push me on but I just didn’t have anything left. When I got home, I saw Garmin’s stats and actually I was amazed that I was able to go for so long – in every interval I hit a heart rate of 180bpm (something ridiculous like 104% of my max heart rate). And consistently during the 1:30 rest interval, my heart rate went down to about 50%. A very consistent wavy line. The speeds were crazy (for me!) and I was hitting something like 4:20km/h each interval. Very cool.

Unfortunately because of where I parked the car last night, I had to already move it at 6:30am. I was planning on meeting Sivia for breakfast at 10am but since I had to leave the house so early, I decided to get in a swim workout – sort of tired from last night so decided to take it easy. I did 800meters in 37 minutes – the first 400 in 20 min and the next 400 in 17 – negative splits! And I was able to beat the 80-year old man swimming in the lane next to me. It’s the small victories…

After breakfast and a walk around the new organic market in Neve Tzedek (http://www.inisrael.com/news/?p=798), I drove off to Ramat HaSharon where I bought this…

Isn’t it beautiful?!? It’s an Allez Sport and the smallest size there is (49 or XS). Bought a new helmet and some gloves and now I’m all set.

I’m psyched to go out tomorrow morning and do a ride/run.

BTW, I’ve decided that I definitely won’t be participating in the upcoming Netanya triathlon. It’s just too soon and after test riding the bike, I realized that it handles so differently from a mountain bike that I will need more than the essentially 1 day I have available to practice with it. However, I’m psyched for Ceasaria! That’s in the beginning of September so I have lots of time to prepare.

Stay tuned to see how that first ride goes! (I already know that I love how light the bike is – I carried it up the stairs with no problems! and I can take the front wheel off and stow it in the back seat of my car – how cool is that? (Well, I suppose that’s not so new to some but for me it was pretty cool!)


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