June 17, 2010

Where did the week go?

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A busy week of exercising and trying to ensure that I get the right amount of sleep meant that I haven’t had the time to keep up with my blog. By the time I get home and fix myself something to eat, I’m ready to crash!

To catch up, Sunday I had a great weight session at the gym. Monday I had an easy run with Etgarim. Woke up on Tuesday with a dull pain in my right shoulder that progressively got worse throughout the day. I self-diagnosed that it was some ergonomic issues from working on the computer. Although I did a lot of shoulder stuff on Sunday, it didn’t feel like the positive pain of exercise but something else.

Took a couple of Advil and on Tuesday’s weight session, did nothing that demanded shoulder work. So that meant more balance work – one foot on the Bosu ball kind of thing – which actually, considering how much I ended up needing to put two feet on the Bosu ball was much needed.

Anyway yesterday morning I woke up feeling much better and at the end of the day, I realized that since I hadn’t felt my shoulder at all, it would be okay to go for a swim. I had a really crazy night planned so I had to keep it short – I did 800m – the first 400m were done in 17 min and the last 400m I did in 20min (I blame that on the guy who brought two little girls into my lane and decided to teach them how to swim but because he only was dealing with one girl at a time, the other was left to her own devices. I came to the conclusion that one was his and the other was the girl’s friend because it was just weird to leave her on her own in the water that way.). Anyway, what was even weirder was my realization that I actually though 800m was a short swim! When did that happen? Just a month ago I was hysterical about doing 750! It’s so cool how quickly I’ve adapted to that new breathing technique.

After the swim, I drove over to Ohad so we could pay a shiva call to someone in Etgarim who’s mother had passed away. And then we went on to do some last minute shopping for the upcoming Etgarim hike. I have to be in my car at 4:30am on Friday morning. My big concern? When will I have time to do this week’s laundry? I see 3 loads in my future tonight. Blech.

Luckily, I’ll have  time because I’m just about to head out the door this morning for a 6am run with Lior. I know it will be an easy run because he had a wedding last night and if I know Lior, he probably got around 3 hours of sleep.

Which considering the way I’m feeling right now, is not a bad thing – I had my first mah jong game last night and didn’t get home until midnight (lucky I had been really good about my sleep the rest of the week.). All in all, a good night! I got mah jong one of the games and found an awesome parking spot when I got home! Cool, no? It’s the little things in life!


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  1. Judy and Bill said,

    I have been suffering from a frozen shoulder and am now in p/t because of it so you were smart to pay attention to it. I ignored the pain for too long. It turns out that I developed tendonitis because of taking Levaquin for an infection I had (one of the rare side effects). If it bothers you again find out what it is.

    How lucky to find a parking spot when you were so tired. I lived in Queens a zillion years ago and would have committed a major felony to find one easily many nights. Love never having to worry about it since there are no restrictions in our own driveway or garage for that matter!

    Enjoy your hike on Friday. Where are you hiking this time? Never mind about laundry, it is better to have fun as long as you buy enough underwear…I had a 3 weeks supply when I was working and a huge wardrobe because I was never home to do it.


    Judy (and Bill too)

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