June 21, 2010

Sleep Deprived!

Posted in Training at 10:18 pm by Lisa

Still trying to catch up from this weekend’s activities, while keeping up with this week’s training.

Yesterday I had an intense workout at the gym. For a change, no serious pains and so I pretty much handled everything thrown at me, except for the pull-ups towards the end of the hour. It’s just brutal to do such exercises when I’m exhausted from the previous push-ups, leg presses, lunges, dips, etc., much of them done incorporating a Bosu ball or medicine ball or Swiss ball, just to up the ante a bit.

Today my heel is still bugging me (and it was about 1,000 degrees in the shade) so I decided that instead of running with Etgarim, I’d go swimming. I drove over after work with Ohad just to say hello to everyone – lots of excitement following the weekend hike – and then I took off for the pool.

I did really well – I think I’ve figured out how to get the counting down – I only do 10 laps at a time. So in the 40meter pool, I did 10 laps at 14 min, then another 10 laps at 14.30 min. At that point there were all these really professional looking guys hanging out at the end of the pool – there’s a triathlon group that trains 2x/week. I had to get out (actually not sure if I could have just moved to another lane but I was way too intimidated by that crowd!) So I moved to the 25meter pool and did 10 laps at 8.30 min and then another 10 laps at 8.30 min. Talk about consistency! So in the end I did 1,300 meters in 45.30 minutes? Is that right? Wow, that’s really an improvement! (I had to do the math on that about 3 times!) Maybe I did count wrong – I just went back to look at previous posts and just a few weeks ago I was doing half that distance in the same amount of time. Hmm, now I’m looking forward to Friday – my next planned swim – to see if this was just a fluke, a timing mistake or the real thing.

I’ve decided that I also want to get more time on the bike, but I’m not comfortable biking after work when there’s so much traffic so I think that tomorrow I’ll go to the gym and get at least a half-hour done, while watching the World Cup.  Anyway, right now I’ve got to get some more sleep!


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