June 26, 2010


Posted in Training at 8:53 pm by Lisa

Yesterday I had a chance to get back to the pool – it turns out that my time on Monday was not a fluke – I did 1,200 meters in about 46 minutes or so. I was very tired when I first got started – it was only 7am and the only reason I was at the pool so early was because I had to move my car by 6:30am due to the parking spot I found on Thursday night. So even though I went a little bit longer in less time on Monday night I still think that there’s massive improvement. I would have thought that I’d be more tired in the evening after work but I guess for swimming, I need to be a little bit more awake.

Anyway, I’m excited about that. I could have gone even further on Friday but I think that I’ll try to increase the distance 10% per week and then try to work on the time the other days. Not sure if that’s the best plan but that’s how it worked for me for running, so that’s what I’m going to go with.

Trying to think of how to improve my biking now – on Tuesday I went to the gym and did 30 minutes on a stationary bike and then ran 2km after. In general, I felt fine but my heel was still bugging me. Very annoying. I’m not sure what’s going on.

So on Thursday morning (another 6am session), instead of doing my usual run, I had a kickbox workout instead. Apart from the incredibly smelly gloves, it was really good – it came after an intense weight session on Wednesday evening so I was a little tired but bouncing around and throwing punches is enough to wake you up fast.

Today, the plan was to get out early for a bike ride and then meet Tamar for a run. In the end, I didn’t get out on time and because there was some concert being set up in the park, the loop that I had been planning on biking was not going to work for me. I rode over to another loop and biked around but it’s not a great path for me. All in all, a disappointing ride. Then I went to Tamar and instead of running, we walked for about 2 hours – sort of taking a detour on a little bit of the Israel Trail (yes, it goes through the park in Tel Aviv – that will be a nice section to do with Etgarim – especially cause it might mean I sleep in my own bed that weekend!)

I’m not sure what I’m going to do about the biking – it’s really dangerous around here to ride on the roads but it’s hard to get the practice necessary to do the long rides I’ll need to improve. I’m hoping that for the short term, any time spent on the bike will help me, even if it is at the gym. I’ll need to get up much earlier (well, at least 1/2 hour earlier) on Saturdays to ensure that there’s not as much people/dog/stroller traffic in the park.

I’m going to spend this week working on a training plan for the upcoming triathlon in September. I know a few people who are thinking of doing it so hopefully in another month my biking will be at a speed/quality that I can bike with others instead of making myself dizzy going in loops!



  1. I’m afraid to ride on the big roads around here, but there are some big neighborhoods that have long loops so I ride there. Congratulations on that swim time – very impressive!

  2. Ron said,

    Spin classes are a GREAT way to work on bike fitness. I got away from them while training for IMCDA and regret it now.

    You certainly have the drive and ability to take on any challenge. I can’t wait to hear about your journey.

    All the best,


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