July 3, 2010

Weekly Recap

Posted in Training at 3:09 pm by Lisa

I’m ready for a nap! But I’m waiting to return Pamela’s bike to her and then maybe I’ll try and catch the Argentina-Germany game. So there goes my window…

I was up at 5:30am today because I wanted to get in a decent bike ride after a disappointing one last week. With only one day available for a real ride, I have to make it count. So I ended up going in circles again but at least there were 2 different circles this time.

Yesterday I scoped out the road surrounding the Kiriyah (no idea how to spell that! It’s the army headquarters situated in the heart of Tel Aviv). I figured that as long the roads were nicely paved, multiple lanes and most important, little traffic so early in the morning I would be ok. I wanted to focus on a hill that is on that route – however in the car, that “hill” measured only 100 meters. How come when I’m walking up that hill! it feels like half a mile?!

Anyway, I did that loop 4 times and then decided that there was starting to be more cars than were really comfortable for me so I rode over to the park. And there I did my old faithful loop. I stopped after an hour to eat a protein bar (ok, a snickers-like candy bar marketed to be an energy bar – high point of the ride!) and watch some dog-training going on.

After another 3 loops, powered by peanuts (and I think that was the actual slogan!), I rode to Tamar, dropped my bike off and we were off for a run. We did a slow 5.5km – both my heel and knees felt ok so I’ve got high hopes that I’m on the mend. After our run, we met up with Amy for breakfast (more food – love exercising on Saturday mornings!).

I had a swim yesterday – par for the course, I can’t remember the exact distance – it was either 1,000 meters or 1,250. I was in the pool for about an hour and after each 10 laps, I checked the time and was doing those 10 laps in about 10 minutes or so. I find it hard to believe that I lost 20 minutes messing around in the pool, just trying to figure out the time cause I couldn’t really see, arguing with another person who was in my lane, etc. (Why is it so hard to follow the instructions of swimming on the right side – it makes life so much easier for everyone. This guy complained because if people are slower it causes problems, etc. No. What causes problems is if you do this ridiculous back stroke with both hands at the same time which takes up more than your half of the lane. When I got out of the pool – out of the 10 people there, only 2 were doing freestyle and everyone else was doing this modified back/breast stroke which is just so bizarre – I can’t even see any exercise value there.)

Anyway, the rest of the week was the usual Etgarim run, weights, swim with one additional session of Krav Maga. Instead of running on Thursday with Lior, we decided to have a lesson in this Israeli-originated type of fighting (cause of course he has a brown belt in Krav Maga. I’ve yet to mention any kind of sport and not have him say he was an expert in it. That’s what happens when you grow up on a kibbutz.)

I now know how to disarm someone who has a gun to my head. When I mentioned that at work I was promptly shown again how to do it by Gabi’s 6-year old son, Gilad, who’s studying Karate. Of course, I had to have the gun and he was the one who disarmed me. Considering that I’ve already forgotten most of what I learned on Thursday, I’m sure that Gilad will have a better chance against any bad guys who might come around.

Go Argentina!!


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  1. yumyucky said,

    oh how I wish I had just an everyday bike to ride. My teen son pretty much wrecked it. I shall live vicariously through your lovely bike ride.

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