July 12, 2010

Highlight Reel

Posted in Training at 6:38 am by Lisa

Bad blogger, Lisa! The whole week gone without a word. That’s not to say I haven’t composed about 10 posts in my head – all funny and interesting – but instead you’re going to get stuck reading the below. Oh well, if I wasn’t so tired after getting home, I’d be able to write more frequently – instead I’m trying to be really good about getting at least 7-8 hours of sleep. I think it will make a difference in keeping injuries away. I’m not sure where the time goes – are my total hours at work so much more than other people? My commute time is not that bad at all. (Although it’s probably the time I spend looking for parking!) Anyway, maybe now that the World Cup is over (yeah, Spain!) and Lance has crashed big time out of the Tour de France (watch for him next year in Hawaii at the Ironman comp!), I’ll have more free time.

So what were the highlights for me this week? Certainly not the chocolate bar I had for dinner on Saturday night. Didn’t even really want it but it was in the house. Talk about emotional eating – this was pure robotic eating. But I had it because of the Flamenco performance I saw on Thursday night with Sivia (Flamenco performance – highlight!). Great show by the New Spanish Ballet. And why did I need a chocolate bar? Well, it was so good I didn’t need it (although I did finish the box of skittles I bought – I have a tendency to fall asleep at these performances as soon as possible and since I hate when that happens, I try to eat myself awake. Weird, but what can I do.

And on Thurs. night I was extra tired because I had a morning run with Lior – we did 5km – each km faster than the previous one (starting with 5:57min/km and ending with 5:15min/km) – that’s great for me! Most definitely a highlight, especially since my foot was feeling ok and didn’t bother me too much for the rest of the day – most definitely on the mend.

On Wednesday night, I was at the pool – ended up doing 1,600 meters (without even feeling it – thought of doing 1,200 but felt good and kept on going) – most definitely a highlight! That distance translates to 1.6 kilometers which is 1 mile! One mile in the pool – how cool is that?!? (But I think the 1,600 meter number sounds better!)

Anyway, the rest of the week was the usual strength workouts, Etgarim run (I was a taskmaster to Shmulik and Hila last week – “we’re running my pace and only my pace!” But we did about 5km – and Garmin had us at a steady pace of 7:24min/km for 3 km and then 2 km at 6:24 and 6:17. Nice job!), bike and run with Tamar.

That Saturday bike ride was not a highlight. It only gets mentioned because I’ve got an epic ride coming up! I just signed up last night for a 90km bike ride on Saturday morning (sorry Tamar!). Very nervous but very, very excited (excited trumps nervous!)! There will probably be about 25 riders and they’ll be practicing riding in a peloton. I’ll be practicing how to keep up with the peloton without falling too far behind. Although you save about 30% energy from riding in these groups, I’m about 50% less in riding shape than the others so it will be a challenge for me – it’s an escorted ride though so I’ve been told by the leader that if I get really tired after awhile, I can get a lift in the car until I’m ready to bike again. Good to have an escape plan but hopefully I won’t need it!

And the final highlight – Lior asked if I wanted to join a relay race of 100 miles taking place down South at the end of October. I hesitated about 30 seconds but then decided I wanted in! We’ll see how that actually goes since I know these people and honestly I don’t know if it will actually come to pass but if it does – awesome! Can’t wait!

Until then, I’ll be slogging along, sharing the highlights of my “slog” with you! Have a great week!



  1. Judy and Bill said,

    I have no idea what a peloton is, but think it would be more fun going in a group so I am glad you signed on. I think chocolate bars every once in a while are an absolute necessity…I used to eat chocolate chip cookies when I had a long boring three hour drive to Albany sometimes twice a week. The only thing that kept me awake behind the wheel as my chocolate chip cookie and the thought of my next one!

    Three cheers for your swimming times and how many miles is the 90km race? I never did learn my metrics.

    Ta for now.

    Love, Judy

    • Lisa said,

      Peloton is the french word used for the main bunch of bike riders in a race. It’s actually difficult to ride in one because you’re very close to one another so you have to be very careful to not swerve, be aware of who’s behind you if you need to slow down, etc. In the Tour de France this year, there are a lot of crashes that just bring the race to a halt because it ends up being a huge pile-up – fun to watch, I’m sure painful to be in, but that’s what they get the big bucks for! For myself, I plan on staying in the back!
      And approx 1.6 kilometers is a mile so the ride is approx. 55 miles. Totally doable, right?!? (I don’t know why metric hasn’t caught on in the US – apart from temperatures, it’s really much easier! I’d have thought that people involved in running, etc. would only use it because all the races are 10ks, 5ks, etc. It seems weird to me that they train in miles and then have to convert everything to kms when they run a race.)

  2. Pamela said,

    You’re amazing! I even had to look up a new word I learned from you (can you guess which one?)
    Alon and I went out on Saturday bright and early (6:30 a.m.!) for a bike ride all around the trails behind Kfar Hanagid and Palmachim. He says we rode about 17-18 km (I still can’t believe that one!). It was really exhilarating and hopefully we’ll back it routine.
    Have a great week!!

    • Lisa said,

      Good for you! Now you need a Garmin to know exactly how far you’ve biked!

  3. Wow – you are amazing! Thanks for the vocabulary lesson and the inspiring amount of exercising you are doing. I hope you get to do that 100 mile relay – sounds like exhausting fun!

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