July 15, 2010

As if I was in China

Posted in Training at 8:47 pm by Lisa

So this morning’s workout with Lior was short and intense. Which is a good thing because I was really tired. And it was really hot and humid. And my stomach was still a little queasy…

Could you get motion sickness from swimming in a pool? I think so (even though Lior said it was just what I ate). Last night I went to the pool and after about 40 minutes I started feeling really nauseous. What a drag. I managed to get 1,200 meters done but just didn’t feel like I could do anymore.

In any event, I had to get home and eat dinner so I could go out for my mah jong game.  There were only three of us (which makes for a very weird game) but I got mah jong twice! (Well, three times but I can’t really count that because I exposed a concealed hand. Which sucks because I might have won anyway because the other two hands were after the exact same tiles.) So I won’t count the cheating one, but the other two wins were awesome – one was the hardest hand on the card (or at least the highest bet) – never mind that I won it with 5 jokers – it’s part of the game. And it just made the next hand that much more sweet cause there were lots of pairs involved so I had to actually throw out jokers (cause, for the 10th time, you can’t use a joker in a pair!). Anyway, late night out and I had to get up early for my run.

But this morning I was feeling pretty lethargic so we settled on just doing hills – didn’t know there were hills in Tel Aviv, right? Well go to the boardwalk and start running up behind the Hilton hotel. Fast. They’re short but steep and just right for a quick workout. In the end, 3.7km and hopefully some good speed work accomplished but it was a tough one.

Including the run I had to do going up backwards. Try that sometime – it’s hard! Never mind that I couldn’t see where I was going and I was sure I was going to fall (forwards! backwards! somehow in both directions!) but because I was using muscles in different ways, it was way more exhausting to do a hill like that once, than to do the same hill three times in a row. However, it was funny because it reminded me of a story that Li-at told after her trip to China – she and her mom saw all these people walking around backwards and when they asked what everyone was doing, they were told that it was exercise, “and very good for you!” I totally believe that now!

On the way back to the gym, I asked Lior if he had any bike shorts I could borrow for my ride on Sat. morning. I think that out of all the things I was worried about (ride being too long, getting a flat tire, not being able to keep up with the group), I was most concerned with my butt! How was I going to be able to sit on a bike seat for 4-5 hours without special bike shorts? Padding I’ve got, but there’s a limit to how much a fat ass will help. Anyway Lior was a star and came through with not just bike shorts but a bike jersey as well! Now I’ve got lots of pockets to put all my energy bars.

Of course, now I have just one more thing to add to my really crazy morning tomorrow – in addition to the morning swim (hopefully it really was the plum that I ate and not motion sickness), the telephone company coming by to fix the outlet (switching to a new company to save over 100 shekels a month), getting my hair cut (desperate for this!), dropping my boots off at the shoemaker (keeping my fingers crossed that they can be fixed before the upcoming hike in August), and meeting a nutritionist (did I mention that last week I gained a kilo and 3% body fat?!? We’ll see if she’s got anything interesting to say – I’ve been keeping a food journal for the past two weeks). Now I can add “buy lots of energy bars” to the list.

Good thing I have to get up at the crack of dawn to move the car from it’s parking spot. Well, I just exhausted myself reading about all the stuff I have to do – I’ve got to get some sleep!


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  1. liat said,

    now you know why our parents always told us not to swim after eating…

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