August 5, 2010

An Up and Down Ride

Posted in Training at 9:47 pm by Lisa

Since this weekend I’m going on another hike with Etgarim, I decided to try and get another long bike ride in today. I ran 8.5km yesterday (starting way too late in the morning – I wanted to do a total of 10km but the heat wore me down). So today would be my bike day.

Of course, by the time I got out the door, it was even later today than when I went yesterday. However, I was on a bike. My beautiful, speedy road bike. So there was always a breeze in my face (sometimes stronger than desired).

Anyway, for the first hour (exactly, according to Garmin), it was great. I did 20km in 52min and ended up doing 22.78km in 1 hour. Considering that getting to the park ( the first 4-5km) is all stop and go since I always stop for lights and am always giving up the right of way (yes, I’m still American that way), I think I’m actually even faster. This bodes well for the upcoming race but I don’t want to get too confident.

I’ve been doing some reading and learned that I should be pulling and pushing the pedals at the same time – it obviously makes a huge difference and it’s something that I’m going to be practicing until the triathlon comes up to make sure that my legs are used to this work-out.

Anyway, what happened at exactly 1:00.01 into my ride? I got a flat tire. This was really annoying – not only did it mean cutting my ride short (I had wanted to do another 10km at least), and having to walk home, it also meant that the vile-tasting Gu I ate 15 minutes earlier was completely wasted. On the bright side, I now know not to get that disgusting flavor ever again (Vanilla-Orange, if you’re taking notes). Really, the worst ever.

So I start to shlep home and I’m feeling sort of stupid because I’m thinking people are giving me these looks like “hey, you’ve got a bike, why don’t you ride instead of walk?” Luckily, I was in the park and only had about a half hour to go until I got home.

And after looking in the mirror, I figured out why people were really giving me those looks – I had the makings of a bug cemetery on my neck.

All those black specks? Dead bugs! I’m a human windshield!! I guess I was so fast they couldn’t get out the way fast enough! I must have looked really gross walking back from the park, all sweaty and speckled!

I’ve never read or heard anybody mention this before so I don’t know if I’m the exception or if it’s just one of those things people don’t talk about (but believe me, they talk about lots of disgusting things on these blogs so maybe I’m just a bug magnet).

In any event, a great ride for me and a bad day for 20 bugs. So it goes.

(BTW, I got Lior to fix my tire again for me – one of these days I’ll have to do it myself but it just seems easier (and cleaner) this way!)

Have a great weekend! I’ll try to get some pics up of the hike when I get back (newly soled shoes and all!)



  1. Raz said,

    I actually think that one of things you are supposed to practice is changing a flat tire. what are you going to do if you get one during the race? walk home? you’d probably need to change it real quick.

  2. Those bugs are bad! Wow – I have had them fly in my mouth on occasion – disgusting to be sure. Sorry about the flat – I think Raz is right – my friends who ride all the time practice changing their tires until they are super fast at it!

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