August 18, 2010

Life Goes On

Posted in Hiking, Training at 11:09 pm by Lisa

It’s been awhile but I’ve been pretty good about keeping up with my training. I haven’t kept up with the 2 training sessions/day but have been pretty consistent about getting out there and doing at least one run/bike/swim a day.

My biking has improved a lot and I think that I’ll be able to come in under 2 hours for the 40km ride. I’ve been going around and around (and around…) in the park. And between the last post and now, I’ve learned how to change my front tire on my own! I timed myself and can do it under 10 minutes – exciting stuff. Now I need to learn how to change the back tire – all those gears and brake lines are a little intimidating but I’m sure that after a few tries, I’ll get it down ok. I just need to see it done once.

Tonight was a good run in the park – I met Ohad and Orit. We ran into Tony from Etgarim on the way and the four of us continued for a few kilometers, then Tony took off at his own blistering pace. After 5km, Ohad and Orit decided to walk the rest of the way and I finished up with 8km. All in all a good run. On the way home in the park, I saw Lior doing his run.

I love that Hayarkon Park is small enough to run into people like this – it feels so homey and comfortable!

Unfortunately, I’ve not been nearly as good on the nutrition front. Not only is it hard to keep up with regular (and correct) eating, it’s really a pain to keep up with my water intake as well. And it’s even more annoying because I know better. Most definitely have to do better because I feel the extra kilo or two on my runs.

Below are some pics from the Etgarim hike two weeks ago – it was nice – I really liked the area we were in (Mount Meron). We did about 15km the first day and 6km the second. The night was spent in a camping ground that had previously been used as a giant outdoor toilet (bits of toilet paper around all the trees), zillions of bugs & bees and a sighting of a pack of wild boars, complete with baby piglets. They were cute but it was the tipping point and I insisted on sleeping in a tent. Actually it was the best night’s sleep I’ve ever had out on a hike so I think that will be the modus operandi for future hikes. The second day was unbelievably hot so the hike was cut short and we finished up with Dr. Lek ice cream – it’s a great way to end the weekend!

Tomorrow an open water swim (OWS) is planned – it’s been awhile since I’ve been to the beach so hopefully the currents will be kind!



  1. Judy and Bill said,

    Love the pictures and the details. The view is breathtaking. Wild boars are nothing to mess with, better to keep a good distance. I agree about sleeping in a tent, but one should also always have a small fire going to keep other animules away.

    Looking forward to seeing the “new” you when you come in.

    Love, Usn’s

  2. liat said,

    i like the pic of you and the tree 😉

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