August 26, 2010

Slogging Away

Posted in Training at 12:42 pm by Lisa

So I’ve been fairly silent, blog-wise, but have been slogging away at my training.

Last week I had an open water swim – it went ok but I jammed my little toe on a rock – believe it or not, it still hurts! I’ve been moaning about it to whoever will listen so I guess it’s a good thing that I’m only writing the post now.

I’m coming to the tail end of training before the Caesaria triathlon. Just a few more sessions left before it will all come together (I hope!). I did get a cold this week so hopefully I’ll be totally healthy come next week.

This morning I went for a 8km run – it wasn’t the easiest run but not as hard as I thought it would be, considering how I was feeling. I did manage to get negative splits just about the entire way, and through the magic of Garmin(!) you can check out the entire run yourselves! It was on the promenade by the water – If you access the link, you can see it via Google Earth or something (but not too close because (I’m assuming) for security reasons the satellites can’t really zoom in.

I was supposed to have an 1-hr swim yesterday but because of my cold, I couldn’t bear that thought (I breathe out through my mouth but still, yuck!). Anyway, tomorrow I’m going to go with Etgarim’s newly-started triathlon group – although I did say that I couldn’t take any responsibility for anyone. I think I’m doing them a favor that way!

And less than three weeks before I see these beautiful babes – can’t wait!!


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  1. Judy and Bill said,

    we’re looking forward to seeing you to. Isn’t that the most adorable picture of the babies? I still think of Matthew as a baby and probably will until he is 15!

    Mom and Dad and Bill and I are finally getting together on Saturday for a late lunch, early dinner, but more to catch up on life.

    Things here are so-so. Our dog has gotten sick. She had a seizure yesterday (first one ever). She is almost 14. The doc said there were no physiological signs and if she has another we may have to take her to a neuroloigst. Oi! It is very hard with an older dog to see them fail. She is now on heart and blood pressure medication!

    Hope things improve with your cold and on our end too.


    Judy and Bill

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