September 26, 2010

My Excuses…

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I mean, really, can you blame me for not writing? I’ve been having a great time here in NY! The kids have been fantastic and keeping me super busy! My sister’s been keeping me on my toes as well…

We’ve gone running every other day or so, with a couple of long runs and some trips to the gym as well. The above pic is from a 12km trail run we did – never mind that we almost got lost. It was very cool and a nice change from concrete. Elaine also lives about 3km away from a bay of water so we’ve been running down there a lot as well.

I’ve got another week here – lots of family visiting and tomorrow we may be going apple picking – more fun! I’ve been eating more than my share of baked goods (it’s a very good thing that I can only get Entenmann’s donuts here – but I miss them so much I go a little crazy when I do get them!) and have even managed to get in the occasional waffle for breakfast (loooovvveee Belgian waffles for breakfast!).

I haven’t done too much of anything else but hanging with the kids (lots of parks, swings, racing around, etc.) but I did get to a bike store and bought a pair of bike shoes (with the various clips and cleats too). I’m psyched to try them when I get back home. Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten any other shoes but I’ve still got one more week. There’s a baseball game coming up next week which should be fun (even though the Mets are playing – they’ve had a rough season!)

That’s all for now – despite the gain of 2 (ok, maybe 3) kg, I’m feeling great! Hope everyone’s doing fantastic as well!


September 8, 2010

The Not Long Version!

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So I just got back from a 10.5km run. It was a good one – saw lots of people on the way – Benny from the gym, Lior working out with another 2 clients, and ran the last kilometer with Hila and Yair from Etgarim (which is where the 1/2 km came from because I was planning only 10 but I was motiviated to continue along with them for a bit). I’ve had 2 strength work-outs this week which were good. Lots of chest and back work.

I forced myself to get to the pool on Monday – did 1,500 meters in an hour. I’m happy to say that it was great and I really enjoyed it! I say an hour but it might have been about 57 minutes (woo hoo!) because I tried really hard not to stop at the wall at the turn-arounds – just to take a breath and start the lap again. So that was very cool.

I know I promised (threatened) to write up a longer version of my triathlon on Saturday but I’m not feeling it so just a few comments:

  1. Even with the failure, I had a good time – it was really fun seeing people I knew from Etgarim successfully tackling this race. Awesome group of people!
  2. I am trying to think of how I can improve my times, in all the disciplines. My running has just gone downhill – I seem to have lost about a minute a kilometer and I’m a little bummed about it but I think that this past cold of mine has really taken a toll on me. I feel like I’m only now just really getting back to my norm.
  3. I think for the Eilat race I’m going to try to really up the mileage so the goals are to get to 2km swimming, 60km biking, 15km running and hopefully the actual race, which is less than these distances, will be a breeze. (Lior has given a stamp of approval for this plan so we’ll see how that pans out.)

Having said that, one of the things I’ve been thinking about is the “extremeness” of my workouts. I’ve been talking about this with friends and it’s funny because I don’t think I’m at all extreme with the exercise/activity I do. It has to do with where you place yourself on the activity scale and then everything is all relative. I follow so many blogs of people training for Ironman competitions and various endurance and ultra races so I look at my activity and don’t think it’s so much at all. And when I consider what else I’m doing the rest of the day (shlumping in front of a computer, sleeping, eating, the occasional walk here and there doing errands), it’s really not that much. And when I think of the actual efforts involved in those activities? Believe me, I can be the slacker when I choose to be.

I think that’s what happened to me in Caesaria – the training leading up to it was good for individual races but I never trained for a triathlon – putting all the disciplines together. And I didn’t push myself enough during the race.

Anyway, enough of that – it’s the start of a new year, with new races and challenges to meet!

September 4, 2010

Better Luck Next Time :-(

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Or “Epic Failure” or “Disqualified!” or “Another Disastrous Swim” or “Lessons Learned” or “Sign Me Up for Eilat – I’ve Now Got Something to Prove!” (trying to be positive with what was a pretty bad day).

The short version: As you can probably tell, the triathlon did not go well. Have no idea what my times were (but everything was SLOW!!) but I’m going to have to put some of that down to loss of motivation after bailing out on the second loop of the swim.

After 45 minutes in the water, I finally dragged myself out and decided that I just couldn’t face getting back in there again and having to do it all over again. Color me VERY disappointed. I was near tears when talking to the lifeguard about it but the first loop was really hard for me – I was lost a lot of the time and going in the wrong direction for parts of it – I think it was the right decision but it still sucks.

I still did the 40km (42! according to Garmin) bike ride and the 10km run but was really embarrassed when anyone cheered me on. Anyway, when I finally finished, I spoke to the timekeeper and disqualified myself.

By the end of things, it wasn’t a good outcome for me by any means but lots of good lessons and I think I did some things right. The next triathlon I’m thinking of is in Eilat in November. I’m going to go with this Olympic distance again – I like the challenge (I mean, if you have to get up at 3:30 in the morning and are going to have to write in black marker all over your body, get various sunburns in the most annoying places, chafing in even more annoying places, it might as well be for the longer distance!)

I’ll write up a longer version (longer? oy, this isn’t long enough?) and get it up later today or tomorrow. Caesaria won this one but I haven’t given up yet!