September 4, 2010

Better Luck Next Time :-(

Posted in Training at 1:39 pm by Lisa

Or “Epic Failure” or “Disqualified!” or “Another Disastrous Swim” or “Lessons Learned” or “Sign Me Up for Eilat – I’ve Now Got Something to Prove!” (trying to be positive with what was a pretty bad day).

The short version: As you can probably tell, the triathlon did not go well. Have no idea what my times were (but everything was SLOW!!) but I’m going to have to put some of that down to loss of motivation after bailing out on the second loop of the swim.

After 45 minutes in the water, I finally dragged myself out and decided that I just couldn’t face getting back in there again and having to do it all over again. Color me VERY disappointed. I was near tears when talking to the lifeguard about it but the first loop was really hard for me – I was lost a lot of the time and going in the wrong direction for parts of it – I think it was the right decision but it still sucks.

I still did the 40km (42! according to Garmin) bike ride and the 10km run but was really embarrassed when anyone cheered me on. Anyway, when I finally finished, I spoke to the timekeeper and disqualified myself.

By the end of things, it wasn’t a good outcome for me by any means but lots of good lessons and I think I did some things right. The next triathlon I’m thinking of is in Eilat in November. I’m going to go with this Olympic distance again – I like the challenge (I mean, if you have to get up at 3:30 in the morning and are going to have to write in black marker all over your body, get various sunburns in the most annoying places, chafing in even more annoying places, it might as well be for the longer distance!)

I’ll write up a longer version (longer? oy, this isn’t long enough?) and get it up later today or tomorrow. Caesaria won this one but I haven’t given up yet!



  1. Pamela said,

    Jeez Lisa – I am so frigging proud of you and it bugs the hell out of me that you’re so hard on yourself! You did an AMAZING thing today!! You set your sights high and you push yourself and I don’t know where you get your motivation from. I AM IN AWE OF YOU!!
    Only positive criticism from now on!
    Kol HaKavod!!!

    And a big big hug!

  2. Mom & Dad said,

    no need to apologize to anyone. Finishing the run & bike portion after a disappointing swim shows great spirit & fortitude. See you on the 11th. Have a good flight. Love, Mom & Dad

  3. Judy and Bill said,

    Ah…that must be disappointing, but you gave it a good try and what more can you ask for? You will make it the next time around.

    We have had major problems with our dog this week, and we thought we would have to say goodbye to her permanently. However, we found a truly marvelous specialty care hospital and they began treating her. She is recovering very nicely so we hope to have a lot more time than we thought.

    We are heading out on a cruise tomorrow to Bermuda which we were prepared to cancel if things had not gone well. The hospital even has a “dog convalescent center” where she is now while we are away and the care there couldn’t be better or the people nicer.

    So…tomorrow, here we come!
    We’ll see you sometime after next Sunday. Have a safe flight. We are thinking of you, and remember timing in a triatholon is not the measure of a woman (or a man for that matter!)

    Much love,

    Judy and Bill

  4. adena said,

    Hi there, thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving me a comment. I’m sorry to hear your race did not go the way you planned. Yesterday was my first one. I can’t say I blame you after 45 minutes in the water but way to go on rocking the bike!! The next race is going to be yours!

    I am going to bookmark the blog and read more a little later on today. For now I have to run out and get my post race ‘tattoo’. This journey to triathlon has been life changing for me and I want to commemorate it. Cheers and keep your chin up!! Anyone that shows up at the start line is an inspiration.

  5. JohnP said,

    Stay positive! chalk this one up as experience and come back stronger! You now know what you need to do, now get signed up for the next event and do what needs to be done to reach that goal!



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