September 26, 2010

My Excuses…

Posted in Uncategorized at 4:16 am by Lisa

I mean, really, can you blame me for not writing? I’ve been having a great time here in NY! The kids have been fantastic and keeping me super busy! My sister’s been keeping me on my toes as well…

We’ve gone running every other day or so, with a couple of long runs and some trips to the gym as well. The above pic is from a 12km trail run we did – never mind that we almost got lost. It was very cool and a nice change from concrete. Elaine also lives about 3km away from a bay of water so we’ve been running down there a lot as well.

I’ve got another week here – lots of family visiting and tomorrow we may be going apple picking – more fun! I’ve been eating more than my share of baked goods (it’s a very good thing that I can only get Entenmann’s donuts here – but I miss them so much I go a little crazy when I do get them!) and have even managed to get in the occasional waffle for breakfast (loooovvveee Belgian waffles for breakfast!).

I haven’t done too much of anything else but hanging with the kids (lots of parks, swings, racing around, etc.) but I did get to a bike store and bought a pair of bike shoes (with the various clips and cleats too). I’m psyched to try them when I get back home. Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten any other shoes but I’ve still got one more week. There’s a baseball game coming up next week which should be fun (even though the Mets are playing – they’ve had a rough season!)

That’s all for now – despite the gain of 2 (ok, maybe 3) kg, I’m feeling great! Hope everyone’s doing fantastic as well!



  1. Raz said,

    i wanna see baseball picks please

  2. liat said,

    those are really great excuses!
    so cute – can’t wait to see more pics…
    have fun!

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