October 16, 2010

No More Excuses!

Posted in Training at 2:33 pm by Lisa

Wow, it’s been awhile, hasn’t it! Well, even though I haven’t written much, I have been working out. In fact, looking back on the past week, I’ve been either running/biking/at the gym every day.

Last week was the 10k Nike night run – I did it with Etgarim and ran it with Katia and Adi. We were pretty slow but a. with over 10,000 people there’s no way anyone except the first few runners are going to be able to go their fastest and b. it was Katia’s pace and considering that this was only the 2nd time she’s done 10k and all the other craziness going on, she did great! (For the record, this is the last time I do this race – the organization of it is just ridiculous. If you have so many people, you have to have staggered starts. And, if you do have staggered starts, you don’t have speedy people do the second start because halfway through the race (just when the route gets narrower!) all these speedy people start catching up with the slower people from the first start and there’s this sort of trampling/dodging effect going on. But, I will say this, I’m going out on a high because the T-shirt is great! I’m really happy with it (for the first time from all my races in Israel) – it’s white with a nice graphic and not too heavy on the advertising logos and it fits (as opposed to last year’s gross orangy red that was too big)!! Yes, it’s the important things in life.

Last week I put my new pedals on my bike and have started practicing with my new bike shoes – this is very exciting! This morning I went out for a long ride in the park (ok, circles around the park so it’s not that exciting yet) and I’m getting used to the slightly different way to pedal (pulling up and pushing down), as well as unhooking my feet. So far, so good. In order to minimize any falls(which hasn’t happened yet but I’ve been told by everyone that it will eventually) I’m riding over to the park in regular sneakers and then changing into the bike cleats there. And then carrying around my sneakers in a backpack. While on a water break, I was talking to a guy who gave me a better suggestion – wear flip-flops to the park and then keep them in the back pockets of the bike jersey while riding. He said the resistance from the backpack was slowing me down 2-3km per hour. Crucial. I’ll have to try that next week.

I’ve decided in the end not to go to Eilat for the last triathlon of the season. As much as I wanted to, it’s just crazy expensive. In fact, even if I was working, I don’t think I would do it on principle. The registration for the race alone is more than 600NIS. That’s insane! I’m not sure how they justify those fees. When you take in the drive down there, hotel, food and any other misc stuff, the weekend could easily cost over 1,500 shekels. Not happening this year.

However, I did find a race happening on my birthday – it’s 15k which is a nice distance – it sort of clears out the field but is not too long to be too hard. Right now my distance is at 12k so I have plenty of time to work on those extra 3k as well as increase my speed.

Lior gave me some tips on how to do that. I basically have to set a benchmark for a 5k distance and increase my speed each time I run that same distance. I ran with Raz last night who took off like a banshee at the start and kept me on my toes the rest of the run. Now, I just have to keep improving that time. Hopefully it will translate to the 15k. We’ll see about that…

Off to Michele’s now – later!



  1. mom & dad said,

    glad to see you are on track & BLOGGING….we were missing the updates on your athletic pursuits.

  2. Judy and Bill said,

    Hooray! You wrote another one. I was wondering where you had gone. YOu sound like you are back in the “swing of things.” Or should I say pace of things?
    How was your flight home and was it any easier going through Vienna? I think that when we finally come we will do the same thing. Bill has long wanted to go back to Vienna and I can probably convince him to take that long flight if we get to stay over there for a few days.

    Despite the trauma with Jillian, she seems to be doing ok now. I don’t know how long it will last but she is having a nice life and still enjoying her walks and her food and behaves so nicely. Perhaps we may have more time than the vet originally thought. I don’t think she anticipated Jillian’s ability to recover once she had the medications straightened out.

    I just found a whole bunch of wool to make big boy blankets for the little ones similar to Matthew’s blanket. They are going to be red, white and blue and I will throw whatever other color Elaine would like, perhaps a bright green or yellow. If she doesn’t like those colors I can adjust. I am working on a huge afgan for my girlfriend and as soon as that is finished I will start on theirs. By the time I am finished they will be ready for beds. I figure at least another year.

    How is the job search going? Keep us updated on everything.

    Talk to you soon again.

    Much love,

    Judy and Bill

  3. John said,

    Glad to see an update! Good call on not doing the tri. When they are overpriced, it just makes it that much tougher to enjoy yourself. Find something you can justify the cost. No rush!

    How is the pool work coming along? Keep it up eh!!!



  4. Amy said,

    The t-shirt is the important thing. I’m glad you finally have your priorities straight.
    Love from Toronto, where there was a marathon last weekend and I didn’t even notice…

  5. My Sister said,

    You inspired me and I signed up for a Turkey Trot in November – it was supposed to be a 5M but got scaled back this year to a 5K only – sort of a bummer but I am doing it anyway. Hopefully the t-shirt will be good!

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