February 13, 2011

8 + 4 + 10 = 22

Posted in Uncategorized at 6:33 am by Lisa

Twenty two kilometers, that is. That’s what my long run was scheduled for on Friday. And Etgarim had plans to participate in a 10km race in Savyon. So I spent the better part of the week trying to figure out how I can get my long run done, while helping Hila and Ohad run their planned 14km. Because I have just about no leeway in my training plan for the marathon (meaning that I have to hit all my planned long runs), I had to come up with a tightly crafted plan and believe it or not, it actually worked!

Even though I left the house 20 minutes late, without really knowing where in Savyon I was going, I got there in time. (I did see a car in front of me with a 42.2 sticker on it. After racing through several yellow lights to stay on it’s tail, I pulled up next to him at a traffic light and asked if he was going to the race because I thought I would just follow him. It turned out that he also didn’t know where to go but the signage was fine once I got into Savyon.)

Anyway, I finished my first 8k alone and then made my way (up lots of hills – well, hills to someone who trains in flat, flat Tel Aviv) to the starting line and found Hila and Ohad. We took off for the next 4km (with Michal and Tal joining us) and then made it back in time for the group stretching that Etgarim always does.

Then we all made our way to the start line. Somehow we ended up at the front of the line – I hate when that happens because the front of the pack just sort of mows you down if you’re not running at their pace. Which I was not.

So about 20 meters into the start of the race, I lost site of everybody and then continued to run the last 10km on my own. At first I was feeling sorry for myself but then quickly realized that most of the marathon (probably about 42km of the 42.2km) I would be on my own so I might as well get used to it! In the end I was able to do a fairly good pace, at least one I was happy with.

My quads were screaming at the end of the day but I realized that it was probably from the various lunges and squats I had done in my gym workout on Thursday morning. I hate lunges but they’re a necessary evil!

Saturday my legs were still hurting so I decided some active recovery was necessary. I went for a walk with Tamar (although she insists on calling it a workout!) and after breakfast, I went to the gym and rode on the bike trainer for awhile.

My legs feel great now so I guess it was just what I needed. And of course, it’s just in time since this morning I have another gym workout – at 6am.

Now that I’ve started my new job I’ve had to reschedule all my training. I think that I’m going to try to get the gym workouts done in the morning (we’ll see how long Lior can deal with that) and the bike rides and runs will be in the evenings. I hope it works and won’t be too exhausting – of course it might mean that I’ll have to go to sleep at 9pm every night but I’m just about ready for bed by then anyway!

Got my first full work week in a long time in front of me – looking forward to it!



  1. Judy and Bill said,

    Love reading about your run(s). Since we didn’t speak with Mom this week, where is your new job and what are you doing and congratulations, no matter where or what.

    Snow is melting, air is warming up and we are coming out of hibernation, a bit. I actually got to the store twice t his week and also did some cooking!

    Keep on blogging!


    Judy and Bill

  2. liat said,

    wow – amazing!
    i do not know how you do it…

  3. Gabi Joffe said,

    Hey Lisa!

    I’m so happy to read your blogs and follow your runs! And am also so happy to hear about your new job – congratulations! That’s awesome news and I wish you all the very best of luck… I’m sure you will be great and I look forward to hearing of your new experiences 🙂

    Take care

  4. My Sister said,

    hey girl,

    i go to sleep at 9 every night – it is not bad!

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