March 19, 2011

The Purim Aftermath

Posted in Training at 12:33 pm by Lisa

So my favorite holiday here in Israel has to be Purim. I don’t think I was too aware of it growing up and I’m not a huge fan of dressing up BUT I love the food that goes with it! Obviously, I’ll eat the doughnuts on Chanuka and the honey cake on Rosh HaShana, but hamantaschen (or oznei haman, as they’re called here), win every time. And lucky (or unlucky) for me, the kind I like best are the most pedestrian kinds made in the supermarket. No designer bakery versions with fancy filling needed – the cheapest (and easiest to come by) are the best!

And then there’s the mishloach manot – these are plates of candy, cookies, and various other treats that are given to friends and neighbors for the holiday. I’ve never really done them before (except, of course, very graciously accepting them from Sivia and family who are so very generous when it comes to supplying me with candy!) but this year I got into the spirit of things and therefore have the makings of these plates in the house, as well as the aforementioned, very generous gift from Sivia.

Well, it turns out (duh!) that these holiday fixins are not exactly the right type of fuel that a body needs to run 32km. And add to that the work party the evening before with 2 glasses of wine – I can’t even remember the last time I had even one glass! – and yet more junk food from a bar (fried this and that, various cookies, etc.), it’s no wonder that I could only do 16km on Friday before calling it a day.

Which was very demoralizing and because I really didn’t realize how the food (or lack of real food) effected me, I was very down and nervous about my chances of having any kind of successful run in just three weeks time. Luckily for me, I had a scheduled appt. with my “Chinese doctor” (he’s not at all Chinese but practices Chinese medicine (accupunture, accupressure, horrible-tasting potions, various herbal cigar concoctions, etc.) and it makes me laugh to use that expression), or Itzik as the rest of the world calls him. I never thought I’d be a believer but honestly a session with Itzik means the difference between taking more than 15 minutes to hobble down one block and actually feeling I can walk home like a normal person without a pathetic shuffle. Anyway, after a lengthy discussion about my feet (which are just scary to look at between the various blisters, callouses and black toe nails, and the heels which seem to be acting up yet again), he took me to task about my eating habits. (Which by the way, is also a constant lecture from Lior but I guess I’m fed up with hearing it from him and, if possible, he has even worse habits than I do, so I’m just “yes, yes, I know” when Lior starts in on my nutrition but I gave it a listen to Itzik (which I’m sure will piss Lior off greatly when he finds out about that!)

Anyway, here comes yet another sacrifice – all the candy and wrapped cookies went into a plastic bag, which was thrown to the back of a cabinet. You didn’t really think I was going to throw that stuff out, did you?!? I mean I did throw out the remain hamantaschen (sob!) without having even one this morning! Nah, that’s the reward for after the marathon. But until then, I’m going to keep my diet as clean as possible, with a focus on the protein and healthy carbs that I need to get me successfully to the finish line.

So I sort of feel like I’m going through a detox these past few hours (pathetic, I know) and since I didn’t finish my run yesterday, I checked in with Lior as to what I should do about it. We both thought that to go for another 20km today would be the right thing to do. I’m already feeling better so hopefully the run this afternoon will be ok. I probably should have done it in the morning but I wanted to go to the gym and after checking the tv schedule I should be there between 2:00-4:00 to catch the best of the last weekend of Biathlon) (Yes, I probably should be doing it outside but I’m bored of outside running at the moment.)

I’ll see how this approach works. It might be that just the thought of getting to dive into that bag of candy after the race will be the incentive I need to cross the finish line faster than ever!



  1. Judy and Bill said,

    Hi Lisa,
    Chag Sameach! You can freeze hamenstashen and it tastes just as good once it is defrosted, so if you can, stick it in the freezer. I sympathize, I love hamenstaschen (my friend makes it for me). We don’t eat candy, period, so we gave it to our housekeeper whose husband has a real sweet tooth.

    We haven’t had an easy two weeks.We had to put our lovely dog to sleep. She developed a tumor in her spleen and given her age (14) and bad heart there was no way we would put her through an operation…so we are sad and adjusting slowly. Eventually we will get another companion, but not quite yet. Needless to say we miss her enormously.

    Other than that spring is arriving and I am starting to do some things in the garden, determined to have flowers everywhere this year, if I can remember to water them. We’re looking forward to going to Maine in June and to memphis in July for a wedding and to seeing you when you come in August.

    Talk to you soon. Happy Training!
    Love, Judy and Bill

  2. Howie and Joan said,

    Even though we try to eat better, Uncle Howie has the same problem you do. He gains about 5 pounds over the winter, but usually loses it when he starts walking on the golf course with your father. We spent the month of February driving through Florida and playing golf almost every day. It’s good to get away from one’s environment now and then. Keep up the e-mail; we enjoy hearing from you.
    P.S. I don’t know if you heard it yet, or if you especially care, but your cousin Hydi finally got engaged to her doctor fiance.
    Uncle Howie and Aunt Joan

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