April 6, 2011

Final Countdown

Posted in Training at 7:40 am by Lisa

Just a really quick update on the last few days leading up to the marathon. This is turning into a huge event in Tel Aviv – more than 18,000 people are participating in one of the 6 available races (full marathon, half marathon, 10k, 4.2k, 21k for handbikes, and 21k for rollerblades). It should be an amazing day.

I, of course, am swinging back and forth between feelings of excitement and terror. I’m really nervous because I just don’t think that my training was on point. But I’m determined to finish and do my best to better my time of 4:59. Maybe by keeping an eye out for dogs and keeping the pit stops to a minimum, I’ll be able to do it.

I’ve written out my pre- and post-race lists and finalized my running gear, down to the exact pair of underwear I’ll have on. As for the food, I’ll be shlepping a few cut-up bananas and managed to blackmail Tamar to wait for me at kilometer 30 with an extra bottle of Gatorade. Hopefully the nutrition will be ok.

I’ve got to give credit where credit is due. Lior convinced me to go on a diet and really watch what I eat for the past 21 days. I’ve been off sugar and finally seem to have “detoxed”. I’m feeling good and lost a whopping 600 grams! I just read a blog the other day that one of the most important aspects of race nutrition is eating right in general so hopefully everything will go ok from that point.

I’m planning to get up at 4am and be at the site by 5. The race starts at 6:30, hopefully I’ll be finished before 11:30 and I’ve already got my 3pm appointment lined up with my Chinese guy for a massage!

I’ll post my race report and times as soon as I can crawl up the stairs to my computer! Wish me luck!!


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  1. My Sister said,

    18,000! That is incredible! And rollerbladers too? I am on the fence about that –
    I am so excited for you!!!!! You are going to do great –

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