April 8, 2011

42km? Done and Dusted!

Posted in Training at 4:52 pm by Lisa

I’m going to keep this short because I can’t believe it’s almost 5pm – I’ve been up since 3:45am and am exhausted!

So short version and tomorrow I’ll have time to search some sites to find pictures, etc. to post – hopefully one or two will be ok!

I crossed the finish line at 4:57:56. My goal was to better my previous time (4:59) so despite being really, really tired, I’m very happy!

Thanks to all for your good wishes and support! It means a lot to me and helped get me to the finish!

More to come tomorrow… I’m off to bed!



  1. Judy and Bill said,

    Yasher Kacha (pardon the spelling). You were superb! Not only did you finish in better time but you actually had the energy to let us know!

    have a good sleep, you deserve it!

    Much love,

    Judy and Bill

  2. Amy said,

    Congratulatons from Toronto.

    Especially awed that you beat your own time, very impressive. Sorry I couldn’t be at the finish line except in spirit.


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