June 8, 2011

If at first you don’t succeed, tri tri again!

Posted in Triathlons at 10:00 pm by Lisa

Okay, hokey title, but that’s how I was feeling last week after the triathlon in Herzliya. I had a great time but after the race, felt that I hadn’t really done my best. Aftr speaking with some people, I decided to sign up for the Tel Aviv triathlon that took place this past Saturday. What a race! I think that this picture says it all!!

I had such a great time, and really gave it my all. The Friday before the race, I went to the beach where the swim start was to get familiar with the course a bit. The sea was sort of choppy and I really didn’t have a good swim. But I did learn that there was a huge sandbar close to shore and would have to take that into account. Truthfully, I don’t think it made much of a difference to me.

On the day of the race I was the very last person out of the water in my start group (190 people). So sad. In fact, I was so far behind the 2nd to last person, I didn’t even see him get out of the water. All I know is that at about 50 meters from shore I looked up and saw the swim marshall waving me in. And once I staggered onto the beach, he started running behind me yelling to the organizers on the boardwalk “last swimmer out of the water, clear the path, last swimmer out of the water!” That was fun. However, as much of a drag it was to be last, my actual times ended up being a few minutes faster than the previous week, so I guess you could say there was some improvement. A very little improvement.

Never mind, I hauled butt in the transition are – and I’m happy to say that I took a minute off my T1 (first transition) time as well. I sat down to put my socks and shoes on, didn’t care about all the sand on my feet, grabbed what I needed for the bike and took off for the start line that would mark when it was permitted to actually get on the bike and ride away.

So of course, I’m all on my own out there and in my usual manner, am just hoping that I don’t get lost! And I keep saying to myself, “go faster, go faster!” The bike route was 2 14km loops for a total of 26km, which was about 6km longer than the previous triathlon. With all my pep talk, I finally caught up to some stragglers after the first turn-around and got excited! I’m no longer last! Woo Hoo! So I set my sights on just trying even harder to catch up to people and reel them in. It was great and I did so well – my average last week was 24km/hr but this week my average was 28km/hr: my time was 55 min for the bike, which was about 5 minutes slower than last week, but since it was 6km longer… well, it’s an awesome result and one I’m really proud of. Here’s me concentrating on one of the turns – I like this pic because it seems like I’m going really fast (but honestly, if it’s a turn, chances are that I’m not!)

As I pull up to the dismount line, I catch up to one last person. I hobble over with my bike to rack it and change into my shoes, dump my bike helmet, etc. etc. Happily, my time for T2 is also better than it was the previous week. I drink a few gulps of Gatorade, grab a date, and take off for the run. This is where I really wanted to prove something to myself – my times last week were just eh. I knew I had a lot more to give and once again, I went out thinking to myself, “go faster!!” And I did – the run was amazing – I kept the effort up and started passing more people, one by one (although there really weren’t that many people to overtake). The 5km run was on the boardwalk, up to Tel Baruch and then back down. As I was on my way out, I saw lots of people I knew – I was running at a good pace but I still had the energy to wave and shout to them! About 500 meters before the finish line, I’m giving it my all, but as always when I see a camera, I try to smile. Actually, this was funny because I held this pose for at least 10 seconds once I saw the photographer – I got a high 5 as I ran by (I guess to let me know that it was ok to put my hands down!).

(I also liked it because I seem to be actually running, as opposed to the usual pics of me that always seem to catch me two-footed.)

Anyway, my run time was fantastic – last week I did it in 32 minutes; this week I killed it in 27:22 – my average pace was 5:31min/km. And I felt great! Which was really exciting because I know that with some focused training, I could probably go even faster. Do you think the thumbs-up pose works? Not sure about that one!

Anyway, I was thrilled with the results and felt that I had redeemed myself. In fact, I finished this race in 1:53 and the previous week I finished in 1:58 – and it was longer! So yeah, massive improvement and I’m glad to see that if I put the effort into the race, I could get the results I want and train for. I just knew I could do better and I did! This was a great race and I love running in TA – just so beautiful and fun! And it’s always cool to see so many people I know. 

Next up? Well, there will be a number of running races but the next triathlon is going to be at the end September – Gan Shmuel. I want to do the Olympic distance so I’m going to start training for the longer distances soon – I’ll be swimming twice the distance (yikes! better find a pool for some practice soon!), biking 40km and running 10km. I’ve heard lots of good things about that race so hopefully, it will be a good experience. I can’t wait!



  1. My Sister said,

    Ironman here we come!

  2. Liat said,

    congratulations – thumbs up to you! and i think the pics are great 🙂

  3. Lynn Poritz said,

    Wow! Post inspires me to train for another 10k.

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