July 15, 2011

The Nachshon Triangle

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Well, I’d been thinking that this route was going to be my own version of the Bermuda Triangle. I knew it was there but I just wasn’t able to get to it! But finally, finally after hearing about this route for so long I was able to get out there and try it for myself.

Major success!

The ride was great – about 30km done in less than 1.5 hours. Since there were a few times I actually stopped, I’m very happy with that time. And while I was very nervous about the clipping in and out of my pedals (it seems like I’m getting more nervous over time, not less!) there were no falls. Of course since it’s just about impossible for me to start up again on an incline I ended up walking my bike back to the car for the the last 200m (and in my socks ’cause I’m also scared about falling on my butt with my cleats – been there, done that. Not the best way to end the ride but never mind.) Most definitely have to work on getting over that fear.

Anyway, headed back to Tel Aviv pretty early – the highway seemed really packed which bugged me the whole way since anytime I’m driving home, my focus immediately turns to parking. However, I lucked out and found a spot right around the corner from my apt. Shlepped my bike upstairs, showered off the layer of dead gnats, and made myself a big bowl of pasta and cottage cheese (carbs and protein – the best recovery food ever!).

Now I’m off to do some shopping for tonight’s walk – 20km from Haifa to Caesaria! It’s a full moon tonight so Etgarim is going for a beach walk. Should be fun (although I’m already tired thinking of it!)

Have a great weekend!



July 14, 2011

Starting Over

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Wow, has it really been over a month since my last post? I’m such a lazy blogger!

I don’t really have too much to say but I thought I’d try to get back into writing, just because.

I had been keeping up with my weekly swims in the sea but due to the yearly (massive!) jelly fish invasion, I’ve opted out and have started swimming at a pool by work. So far it’s been pretty good – I’m amazed at how slow I am (really. It’s quite pathetic how slow.) but I’m trying to just build up some endurance and then I’ll start working on intervals and drills to get some speed. That would be amazing because although though it’s the shortest part of any triathlon, my finish placements would be so much better with even just a 5 minute improvement (and it would be so much more motivating to get out of the water with other people and not feel that I’m always trying to catch up!)

Biking has been off and on – in general I’ve been trying to get in at least 2 long spinning sessions a week at the gym just to keep up my fitness but I do have a long ride planned tomorrow which should be fun. A course that I’ve been wanting to do for awhile but for whatever reason just hasn’t happened (like the last time I tried but for some reason I thought I was supposed to be on road 444, but I was supposed to be on 44 – I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t find the various landmarks I was looking for! Well, duh, it’s about 50km south of where I actually was. And in that ride yet another fall off my bike (and 2 more lovely scars to add to my left knee collection.) Hopefully tomorrow will be better!

My running has been my real weak link – I haven’t run in about 3-4 weeks. My foot had just been bothering me a lot and I was at a loss to figure out what my problem was. I’ve decided to start from scratch and work on my biomechanics and technique now, before I rebuild my distance. It’s been frustrating but I’m convinced that I can get there.

Anyway, that’s it for me. Nothing too exciting but all’s good! I’ll be back with a summary of tomorrow’s bike ride – hopefully I’ll be all smiles and not have yet another bloody fall to write about!