October 30, 2012

And 50 minutes later

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A sweaty sea of people…




October 29, 2012

More morning commute

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This is no-man’s land between Tel Aviv and Herzliya. I have no idea which city it’s in. It’s probably in some kind of ownership dispute because the land is prime real estate. I figure that’s why it’s so undeveloped with no infrastructure to speak of. (Unless you count the makeshift bus stop that was put up in the middle of the summer for buses from religious neighborhoods to come so that women/men can swim on alternate days on the secluded beach.)

Anyway now that summer’s over, when it rains, there’s a lot of flooding. This is 3 days after the most recent storm.

Keeps the traffic down!

October 27, 2012

My first metric century

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Well, almost. I’m not home yet but there’s nore than 96km on the watch.


Exciting stuff! The paths were wet and muddy – it looked like rain when i started out early this am.


And in fact i ended up with quite a lot of the dirt on me.


All in all, a decent ride, and if i didn’t have to worry about unleashed dogs on all but 3 of the zillion laps i did, it would have been a great ride!

October 23, 2012


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Roads closed right and left due to all kinds of exercises being done by the army and govt in preparations for earthquake, tsunami and war (all at the same time). Found myself in a melon patch off of the highway!



October 12, 2012

By the numbers

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50 kilometers; 2 hours, 7 minutes and 30 seconds; 24km/hr and 27 laps around Rosh Tzipor. All done by 09:00am this morning.

Yay for me! I wasn’t really looking forward to this bike ride but I’ve got to start getting some real bike experience, as opposed to my leisurely daily commutes.

Biking is not a reality for me without having either a closed road or an escort car – it’s just not safe enough for me to even bother. So if I don’t want to pack up the bike in the car and try to find another route, I have to stay in Tel Aviv and bike in the park. There are 2 loops – one is about 1.4km around and the other is Rosh Tzipor – 1.89km. That’s a lot of circles if you want to do any kind of distance but since there’s no way I’m giving up my parking spot for this, I didn’t have much of a choice. (I actually prefer the 1.4km loop more but knowing that 50km was the plan, that would have been an exceptionally masochistic thing to do.)

Therefore I joined all the other lycra-clad bikers this morning (although most of them were much faster than me, and on bikes that probably did cost as much as my car.)

I didn’t get out as early as I would have liked. On one hand that’s good – the amount of time that I spent on the path with the so-called “professionals” was at a minimum since they all were probably there at the crack of dawn (as opposed to me who took the time to eat breakfast, throw in a load of laundry and watch the end of Great British Bake-Off). I’m actually nervous about the fast bikers who somehow are always passing me at the narrowest parts of the path, during a curved section. However, they do serve their purpose. They speed around the track scaring all the walkers, dogs, and crows (who are surprisingly aggressive and don’t really move that fast when I’m riding towards them) out of the way. Once they start heading home, along come more dog walkers (who always feel it’s ok to let their dogs off their leashes), various strollers who never seem to pay attention to what’s happening around them and have no qualms about crossing into the paths of others without looking once, let alone twice and the bikers who seem to have just learned to bike last week, as far as I can tell, due to all the weaving they do..

Never mind, I did my ride and had a good time doing it (although an even better time once I saw that “5” turn up and knew it was my last lap).

And the ultimate bonus? 1,353 calories burned! Nice!!

(Did you have to tilt your head to see this? If so, sorry – the file looks fine to me but when I insert the photo it’s off. But I’ve spent enough time trying to fix it. And who knows, it might be fine and just how it looks to me in this edit mode.)

On another note, have you read Elaine’s most recent post? Definitely worth it if you’ve ever sat next to some screaming kids in a restaurant – it explains everything! http://houseofbedlam.wordpress.com/2012/10/12/eating-out-bedlam-style/

October 8, 2012

Has winter arrived?

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Not sure about that because it’s about 100 degrees here right now (and you can look at that either in celsius or farenheit), but the weather this morning was crazy. Pouring down buckets, of course as i was just coming home from the gym. And the flooding starts…


At least it was enough rain to wash the past 4 months of dust off my car!

October 5, 2012

TA Ride

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So here it is 8pm on a Friday night and I’m beat and totally ready to go to bed. Took me a second to remember what I did today…


A 42km bike ride with another 25,000 people, give or take a few thou… (that’s me, on the side towards the back 🙂 )

A few years ago, Tel Aviv started a tradition of closing down some of the major roads in the city, as well as the highway leading into the city (the “Ayalon”), during Succot for a major bike ride. This is the first year I was able to do it and it was really cool! There were 3 different distances – 42km, 22km (these were the same route, but the 42km did 2 loops) and 7.5km.

The gathering point was about 2 minutes from my house so I didn’t have the hassle of getting there. The only problem was that after the start, there were so many people, it took about 10 minutes until I got to the starting line, and then about another 3 kilometers until we were able to really start to ride. It was super congested! I started out with my cleats on but I was very nervous with so many people around me. In the end, when we turned off the highway, I pulled over and changed into my sneakers. I wasn’t able to be as effective with my pedaling but I felt a lot more confident on the bike.


The above picture on the highway makes it look like it was really clear, but at the time I was out there, there were a ton of people on the road – I tried to find some other pictures but no success. That’s surprising because LOTS of people were just riding one-handed with their phones in front of them taking all kinds of photos, swerving around, slowing down, etc..

My time was nothing to write home about due to all the delays, swerves and stops I did (so I won’t even bother posting it here), but I was pleasantly surprised how good I felt on the bike. I’m tired now but I wasn’t tired at all after the ride so I’m sure there’s another 20 or so kilometers in me, without even making an effort.

That’s a good thing because I’m planning to do a ride in November that’s around 90km. Really looking forward to that one!

As for now, I’m just going to hit the hay and get some needed rest!

BTW, did you know that my sister just started a new blog about healthy eating (it’s all about how she gets her three adorable kids to eat what’s good for them!)? Check it out! House of Bedlam!

October 4, 2012

Morning commute

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What i see on my way to work…



Nice, right?

October 2, 2012

My commute home

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Or in other words, can i add pictures using this phone app.

October 1, 2012

Testing. Testing.

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Just downloaded a new app to my phone. If it works, i hope there will be more frequent posts. Although i can see that they’ll already be much shorter (which might be a good thing) and with lots of typos. Oh well, you gotta take the good with the bad.

Just got back from a solo swim. I know! So unlike me. But i was blown off this morning after people said they were in, i was already down at the beach, the humidity here is about 157% so i just went for it. Wearing my neon orange cap, swimming a straight line RIGHT in front of the lifeguard tower, out to the breakers and back, 3 times. No earthshattering speeds or distance but it was a red flag (but no idea why – there were some swells but nothing even i could complain about). Yeah for me!

Now if this works, maybe the next post will even have a picture in it!