October 1, 2012

Testing. Testing.

Posted in Uncategorized at 9:34 am by Lisa

Just downloaded a new app to my phone. If it works, i hope there will be more frequent posts. Although i can see that they’ll already be much shorter (which might be a good thing) and with lots of typos. Oh well, you gotta take the good with the bad.

Just got back from a solo swim. I know! So unlike me. But i was blown off this morning after people said they were in, i was already down at the beach, the humidity here is about 157% so i just went for it. Wearing my neon orange cap, swimming a straight line RIGHT in front of the lifeguard tower, out to the breakers and back, 3 times. No earthshattering speeds or distance but it was a red flag (but no idea why – there were some swells but nothing even i could complain about). Yeah for me!

Now if this works, maybe the next post will even have a picture in it!



  1. It works!

  2. mom said,

    this came through loud & clear….Please be mindful of RED FLAGS!! There may be a reason that is not visible….

  3. Judy and Bill said,

    I agree with Mom, don’t swim where there are red flags, but glad you came back without any problem. One of the many things I remember about Tel Aviv, not fondly, is the humidity…I hate humidity and it totally debilitates me, I could just sit in the water all day when it got like that. I do remember taking at least 5 showers one day.

    By the way we were finally was able to make the contribution and hopefully they have already deposited it into Etrogim’s account directly. I did ask them per your instructions to do that. So… a few more people might get to enjoy. I hope it brings many more contributions in.

    Hope you text often. So nice hearing from you.
    Love, Judy and Bill

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