October 8, 2012

Has winter arrived?

Posted in Uncategorized at 1:18 pm by Lisa

Not sure about that because it’s about 100 degrees here right now (and you can look at that either in celsius or farenheit), but the weather this morning was crazy. Pouring down buckets, of course as i was just coming home from the gym. And the flooding starts…


At least it was enough rain to wash the past 4 months of dust off my car!



  1. Joan said,

    Now, if this was on Facebook, I could Like it.

  2. Judy and Bill said,

    It is much cooler here now, about 54 and gloomy. we will undoubtedly have rain shortly. Welcome to October. Wow that is a lot of water in your area. I was caught in a downpour in Jeruslaem in October once and never ever remember seeing so much water. I was soaked right through every layer of clothing including my raincoat, plus! How I didn’t catch pneumonia was beyond me. I couldn’t get warm for days!

    Having a lot of fun reading all kinds of books and still adding stuff to my Kindle. I have lost count. When I get to have the operation and recuperate I will have enough reading material for me and the entire floor most probably. My brother has promised to bring me cartons full of books and my girlfriend has been saving books for me too. Do you think they know I like to read?

    At any rate, have fun, try and stay dry and let’s hope your rain washes the humidity away. At least your skin will always look good. Apparently humidity is good for it, a consant sauna and facial!

    Love, Judy

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