November 23, 2012

Early bird

Posted in Training at 7:44 am by Lisa

So i got home late last night after a goodbye dinner with Corinne and her family (her plane to South Africa took off about an hour ago) and, per usual, i had to find a spot. At midnight. In the heart of Tel Aviv. Eventually snagged one (legal for a change!) but it was on Ibn Gvirol so there are all these parking restrictions that would have me moving the car by 06:30am.

Or so i thought.


Turns out that there is no longer the need to move the car on friday mornings. I could have sleeped a bit longer but it’s ok. I had this elaborate plan to go to the pool and then if it stops raining to run in the park. Then i could still get back home and look for a spot before everybody else actually wakes up and comes into TA for shopping and/or brunch.

Still gonna go for it and keep my fingers crossed that karma rewards me with an easily found spot, for making the efforts to get my workouts in!

Why does it seem that this blog is more about parking than anything else now?


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  1. Judy and Bill said,

    I share your frustration. A thousand years ago in what seems like another lifetime I lived in Kew Gardens, Queens. alternate parking reigned. I hated every second of it and the worst was when there was snow you couldn’t find a spot even if you wanted to buy one. I always wondered if they expected us to bring our cars back up to our apartments.

    Love, judy and Bill

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