February 9, 2013

Well, that was interesting!

Posted in Running, Training at 1:25 pm by Lisa

I just ran 21km. Unplanned. My last longish run was 15km 2 weeks ago and then nothing much in between.

Unless you count the 8km that i ran yesterday.

How did that happen?

I hardly ever run 2 days in a row and if i have a big run i try to make sure that i prepare for it (eating and drinking right, getting enough sleep, actually signing up for the race).

But yesterday i met with some people from Etgarim for a morning run and Hila who’s signed up for a full marathon in March asked if i wanted to join her and her fiance for their long run of the week. I said sure but i was actually planning on just biking the distance. But after speaking with her last night i realized that i couldn’t really bike in a running race but still wanted to see them so i said i would do it anyway. (After a full day of crap eating and not hydrating properly.)Ā  Also i have (had?) plans to run a 21km next week with Etgarim so even though my training hasn’t been the greatest, i just sort of figured that if i was ready for next week, i’ll be ready today. Makes sense right?

So, yes, it was pretty stupid but i actually feel ok now. Of course it will be even more interesting to see how i feel tomorrow.

What’s even more interesting was that i was able to do it. Ok, slowly, but 21km is now locked in the garmin! I think i should take that as confirmation that i’m capable of a lot more. A lot more!

Not sure what to do next week. I think i will drop down to the 10km. Better to be safe than sorry. Or maybe not. šŸ™‚

In any event, I’m thinking it’s going to be a very early night!



  1. Of course you are more capable than you think! Don’t I always tell you that? No need to drop down that low next week… in my opinion

    • Lisa said,

      Well since its going to be a race thought i’d run with some other people doing 10 for the first time. But you’re right. Maybe i’ll join hila and her boyfriend for another few kilometres. After all they have 24 planned for their marathon training! šŸ™‚

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