November 18, 2012

Now I’ll know what I’ll do!

Posted in Uncategorized at 8:13 pm by Lisa

So you know when there’s a few scenarios and you sort of wonder what you would do? Well, maybe not but with the situation here I didn’t really know how i would react if there was an alarm and i’d be driving.

Tonight i got to find out and it basically meant stopping the car in the middle of the street, getting out of the car and going into the nearest building and waiting out the siren and the amazingly effective “iron dome boom”.

I did leave the building a bit earlier than you’re supposed to because having stupidly left the car keys in the ignition, i was actually more nervous about the car at that point. (Don’t worry – i won’t make that mistake again!)

(Although it did mean that i was able to snag the spot at the end of the block, ahead of the guy who was driving the wrong down a one-way street.)

Anyway, long story (as always) just to let everyone know that i’m ok.

(oh, and that i’ll be going swimming early tomorrow morning since i’m parked in an illegal spot and i have to move the car early) 😉



  1. Judy and Bill said,

    Mom and Dad coming in a few minutes to us to have some dim sum. Needless to say we will discuss Tel Aviv and all who dwell within. Every time I hear another news report I hold my breath. Between you and my friends who live in Ramat Gan and my grand niece (all of 18) now in Jerusalem, let alone the entire population of Israel, we are anxious. It reminds me of the Gulf War all over again. I never shut the tv off for the entire duration.

    We are thinking of you…Hope Israel does what it has to and everyone stays safe.

    Love, Judy and Bill

  2. Girl – you are scaring us! Next time you better leave the car keys!!!!

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