November 23, 2012

The Theory of Relativity

Posted in Swimming, Training at 11:02 am by Lisa

My pool has about four lanes – the first one is marked “slow”, the middle two are marked “fast” and the last one, well I have no idea what that is marked as I’ve never been in it. It’s actually much wider than the other three lanes but there always tend to be 4-5 “swimmers” who are doing some kind of floating/jumping/walking kind of stuff and I don’t really want to get into that mess.

So when I arrive, I focus on the other three lanes, looking to see which has the least number of swimmers. I feel like a fraud if I get into one of the “fast” lanes but it must be the times that I am there because inevitably, I’m the fastest swimmer there. But that’s such a joke because I’m an incredibly slow swimmer (in more than one triathlon I’ve been the last person out of the water, and I’ve never had more than 10 people coming out of the water after me).

So I have this illusion that I’m speedy gonzalez in my swims, until one person shows up with actual skill and puts me back in my place! I got in 1,550 meters today and was pretty proud of myself until I checked my watch – so slow… too slow! I might start a series of swimming lessons to see what I could do to speed up my time. Swimming is all about technique and I’m sure I don’t have it!

Anyway, the swim is done and now it’s pouring rain (crazy thunder and lightning storm actually) so I put my run off. I might just ride my bike on my indoor trainer in the house today and try to run tomorrow. And for those who are wondering (since it wouldn’t be my blog if I didn’t have a parking reference), I got a spot right around the corner from my house, without having to drive around even once – good exercise karma! That’s a great reward for getting my workout in early!


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