November 24, 2012

Getting my run on!

Posted in Biking, Running, Training at 4:20 pm by Lisa

Had a great weekend, training wise. After my swim yesterday, i wavered back and forth about getting my run due to the weather in the morning. Then i wasn’t sure about having enough time to finish and still have time to shower before going to friends for dinner.

I decided to go for it and ran 12km in awesome conditions – still sunny but rain clouds were rolling in so it was starting to get a little windy. It was actually beautiful down by the water with the sun setting and all the contrasts in color.

Unfortunately no pic because my battery died.

However i didn’t make that mistake today! After a three hour indoor bike session i wanted to run 20 minutes to get used to the feeling of doing a long bike ride followed by a run.

I’m going to consider the below just another karma reward.


That view’s about a 9 minute run from my apt. Definitely worth it!



  1. Pamela Gazit said,

    Beeeyutiful!! Way to go Lisa!!

  2. Judy and Bill said,

    We agree with Pamela. Great that you are keeping up your training and in such a beautiful setting. It is nice seeing all that green in Israel. I spent so much time in Jerusalem and around the Negev with only short spurts in the Galil, so green was not the primary color around!
    Of course, one can never get enough of a view of the water by your beach.

    Love, Judy and Bill

  3. Go Girl! Ironman here you come-

    And where did you park today???

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